Flat Packs

All of our flat packs are specially designed to provide you with a unique experience when it comes to decorating your home. They are designed to make the use of high-quality supplies that have not yet been put together. They are delivered in a small pack of contents, which will be used to construct the cabinets that you would like to use. They come with a set of instructions specially designed to provide you with an easy guide when it comes to setting up your cabinet. The majority of the components within your pack can be snapped together, meaning that you will not need any professional or expensive tools in order to set them up.

Our Flat Packs Service

Our flat pack services cover the delivery of a range of different flat packs. Each will provide you with a unique cabinet designed for a particular room within your home. 

flat packs services

If you find yourself struggling during the installation or construction of your flat pack, contact our team directly and we can arrange a member of staff to aid you with the job.

Flat Pack Pantry

Flat Packs Pantry

Our flat pack pantries are specially designed to fit within any room within your home. With a pantry having various uses, for example as storage for plates and cutlery, or as storage for dried foods and herbs, we provide a range of designs. This provides you with the option of setting up your pantry in the room of your choice, depending on how you would like to use it.

We offer various cabinet designs as well as other furniture within our flat pack kitchens. These packs provide a range of special designs which can be put together to create a running theme within your kitchen. No matter your preferences or tastes, we will have the right design for you.

Flat Pack Bathrooms

Flat Pack Bathrooms

Our flat pack bathrooms are specially designed to fit in different styles of bathroom. We offer a range of classical wooden bathroom cabinets, designed around old-style bathrooms. We also offer modern designed flat packs, making use of brighter colours that are used within many modern bathroom designs.

Flat Pack Laundry Cabinets

We offer a wide range of flat pack laundry cabinets, in various shapes and sizes. Each is designed for a particular use, from the storage of your laundry items to the storage of your cleaning products. No matter what you need your laundry cabinet for, we offer a flat pack to serve that purpose.

Flat Pack Laundry Cabinets

We also offer a range of flat pack cupboards that can be installed in various rooms around your home. These cupboards can be used as extra storage in locations all-around your home. For example, should you need an extra cupboard within your kitchen, you can build your own and have it installed in the kitchen to provide extra storage.

Contact Us

Should you want to find out more about any of our services, please feel free to contact us directly via our email or contact number. One of our team will be on hand to provide answers to any questions you may have regarding any of our services or products.