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We offer a range of high-quality cabinets

Located within Brisbane, we provide our customers with only the best cabinets, designed for particular rooms and usage. We believe that each room within your home deserves a unique cabinet to go with it, after all, you wouldn’t put a bathroom cabinet in your kitchen! We combine excellent craftsmanship with high-quality customer service to meet the demands of our customers.


From our experience, we found that finding the best cabinet for your home is a difficult task. Most companies on the market will simply provide you with an overwhelming amount of information, making the decision much harder than it needs to be. Our services are designed to make your cabinet buying process as simple and smooth as possible. We source only the highest quality products and cabinets for your home, each uniquely designed for particular rooms, homes and designs. We understand that not every cabinet will suit a room and unlike other businesses, we will tailor our cabinets to best meet your expectations.

Our Services

Our services are designed with the needs of our customers in mind. Our objective as a company is to provide people in Brisbane with the highest quality cabinets for a price that doesn’t break the bank. With over 30 years of operating within the industry, our team have learnt how to perfect the quality of our cabinets. We provide cabinets to both commercial and residential properties designed to enhance the quality of homes, retail services, offices and educational spaces. Our team specialise in a range of aspects from the designing of cabinets, to the way in which we manufacture them. As a result, we can provide an expert supply of cabinets, as well as a professional installation service. We install in various rooms from kitchens, offices, desks and bathrooms, as well as many others. Our excellent craftsmanship alongside our perfection mindset ensures a one-stop solution to all of your cabinet problems.

Our team can provide you with a wide range of options when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Making use of only the highest quality suppliers, we can provide you with cabinets that not only look fantastic, but also match the current kitchen. We believe that a cabinet should be an addition to your home. As a result, our kitchen cabinets help to add another excellent feature to your kitchen, while also remaining as practical as possible.

We offer various options when it comes to laundry cabinets. We understand that a high-quality laundry cabinet is essential in your home. Low-quality cabinets can quickly deteriorate over time, potentially damaging the items stored inside of them. All of our cabinets make use of expert craftsmanship, using only the highest quality suppliers. This allows for professional-looking laundry cabinets that last throughout your home’s lifetime.

We believe that pantry cabinets can add significant character to a particular room. Our pantry cabinets can be specially designed for your home, making use of woods or other materials that you believe would best suit the room of your cabinet. They are designed to both look amazing, while still having a practical use. They can be used for anything from food and crockery, to cutlery and china for your meals. They serve as a fantastic option to store your valuable cutlery that can be used for guests within your home.

Bathroom cabinets are essential within any home. Our cabinets are specially designed for a bathroom environment. We believe that poorly designed bathroom cabinets will not only deteriorate faster than others but can also damage the overall features of your bathroom. We provide a wide range of specialised bathroom cabinets, designed to provide resistance against water and humidity within your bathroom. Our cabinets are also practical, allowing you to store anything from shampoos and conditioners to makeup and other accessories.

Our entertainment cabinets can be specially designed for a range of entertainment systems. These can involve anything from TV boxes to gaming consoles and other entertainment around the home. Our cabinets are designed to store all of your controllers within a safe location that can be accessed by anyone. They come in various shapes and sizes depending on the size of your entertainment system and can be specially tailored to meet your expectations.

In recent years, a growing trend of ‘do it yourself’ has started. We provide you with the option to build your own kitchen. Our team can supply you with a range of kitchen options in terms of colour, shape and size, all of which can be specially tailored to your current kitchen. Once you have made an order, our team will send you the supplies for your DIY kitchen, along with clear and concise instructions on how exactly you can put it all together.

At Aljay Cabinets, our team can also provide you with a range of custom made cabinets. Should you request a particular cabinet, whether this be a unique design or shape, our team can provide you with one. Upon your request, our team will design and construct the cabinet of your dreams. We will then install your cabinet for you as part of this service.

We offer a wide range of flat pack cabinets, designed for ease of use. They are all designed using high-quality materials. Each pack comes with clear instructions on how you can set up your furniture, as well as our contact details should you need any help and support throughout the process.

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Should you want to find out more about any of our services, please feel free to contact us directly via our email or contact number. One of our team will be on hand to provide answers to any questions you may have regarding any of our services or products.