Bathroom Cabinets

At Aljay Cabinets we understand the importance of high-quality cabinets within your bathroom. Every bathroom, no matter its size or use will need cabinets to store cleaning products as well as any creams and moisturizers that you may use as part of your daily routine. In many homes, the cabinets installed will deteriorate over time due to their low quality.

As bathrooms contain air that is wetter than anywhere else within your home, poorly designed cabinets will quickly lose their quality and become damaged. Over time, this damage can result in your cabinets becoming rotten and in some cases even falling apart. At Aljay Cabinets, our bathroom cabinets are designed using only the highest quality supplies, ensuring that your cabinets look the best they can, for longer periods of time.

Our Bathroom Cabinets

We offer a wide range of bathroom cabinets in terms of designs as well as materials. Our designs can be specially tailored to your bathroom, using different colours and materials depending on the design used in your bathroom itself.

Modern Cabinets

Modern Cabinets - bathroom

If your bathroom has a modern design to it, we provide a range of cabinets that will fit right in. often making use of brighter modern colours, as well as mirrors on the cabinets themselves, our modern cabinets can be installed within your bathroom with ease. Upon choosing a cabinet of your choice, our team can help you to install in, ensuring that it is professionally placed in a location of your choosing. If you need any advice throughout this process, our team can advise you on where your cabinet, as well as how high to place it for the easiest use.

Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

Wooden Cabinets - Bathroom

Our wooden cabinets are specially designed to provide your bathroom with a more traditional feel. Making use of only the highest quality woods, our teams use excellent craftsmanship to build you the wooden cabinet of your choice. Our team can help you with the installation of your wooden cabinet, ensuring that it is carefully and professionally installed to prevent any potential loose screws.

Flat Pack Cabinets

Flat Pack Cabinets - Bathroom

Alongside all of our professionally designed bathroom cabinets, we also offer a diverse range of flat pack cabinets. These cabinets make the use of a range of designs from older looking wooden cabinets to the use of more modern looking cabinets. Once you have made an order, our team will send you your cabinet with instructions on how you can install it. These instructions are designed to be easy to follow, using pictures throughout to provide you with help and support should you need it. Once you have finished building your cabinet, you will have a brand new, high-quality bathroom cabinet for your home.

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