Laundry Cabinets

Laundry cabinets are an essential part of any home. They provide an area for extra storage, or an area in which you can locate extra appliances such as dryers and washing machines. At Aljay Cabinets, we provide a range of laundry cabinets designed to your exact requirements. Whether you need a smaller laundry cabinet for clothes storage, or you would prefer a larger laundry cabinet for your machines, our cabinet service can be tailored for your needs.

High-Quality Laundry Cabinets


All of our laundry cabinets are designed using precise workmanship to ensure only the highest quality products. Our team work tirelessly designing a range of cabinets for your home, varying in different styles and sizes. We also offer flat pack cabinets that can be constructed by you within your home. Using similar designs as our other products, to create that professional look within your home.


Full Height Laundry Cabinets

Our laundry cabinets include a range of full height cabinets. These make use of the entire height of your ceiling and can be used for a range of different tasks. We provide a range of different designs, all of which can be altered and adapted to meet the needs of your home.

Appliance Cabinets

Appliance Cabinets

Appliance cabinets are designed to store your washing machines and dryers. This helps to free up space around your home in which you can use for other storage means or furniture. Both of your machines can be operated in this cabinet, with the height of the shelve being based around your preferences.

Cleaning Cabinets for Laundry


Our full height cleaning cabinets are designed to store every cleaning product you could ever need. Making use of hooks and the space within the cabinet to allow you to store everything from your Vacuum and brooms to smaller cloths and cleaning products. This cabinet also makes use of shelves to provide multiple layers of storage and make use of the space.

Small Height Cabinets

We also offer a range of smaller height cabinets for extra storage around your home. These cabinets can be personalised to your preferences, making use of smaller or larger cupboards and drawers or custom design baskets to store your items in.

Two Basket Design


Our two basket design makes use of your smaller cabinet and is ideal for keeping smaller items or clothing in. it can be used as a smaller laundry basket or a place where you can store clothes after they have been washed and dried, leaving them ready to be ironed.

Two Cupboard Design


Although still small, our two cupboard design makes more use of the space within your cabinet. It can be used to store clothes over time, or can also be used as a home for your cleaning products for your washing machine and dryer.

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