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At Aljay Cabinets we provide a wide range of kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers to suit the needs of your kitchens. We can work with you to provide you with a specially tailored kitchen cabinet (or multiple) for your home. Our cabinets are specially designed using only the highest quality supplies and craftsmanship to provide you with the best cabinets on the market. Our services follow a standard protocol, designed to enhance your overall experience working with us, making it as flawless and stress-free as possible.

A pantry is a specialised cabinet designed to store a range of your household items in. They are great to store dishes in, as well as cutlery for when you have guests at your home. They are often divided into smaller cabinets and drawers to make more storage room within a smaller space in your home. They can also be used within your kitchen for the storage of dried foods, spices and condiments. Your pantry cabinets will provide easy access to such products whenever you should need them, decreasing the stress involved in cooking as items are easily within reach and organised.

At Aljay Cabinets we understand that at times, you may not be able to find the cabinet best suited for your home. With so much choice online, the decision can become overwhelming, not knowing which cabinet is best for you. That’s why we provide a range of custom cabinets that can be specially designed around your personal needs and preferences. No matter the use of your cabinet, we can provide you with specialised designs tailored around your preferences in order to create the perfect cabinet for you and your family. These cabinets are great for rooms that make use of unique designs and patterns as they can be specially designed to fit in with that particular room.

No matter how unique your custom design may be, our team can create it for you. With over 30 years within the cabinet industry, our experts have developed a wide range of experience and knowledge around the industry. Having worked on thousands of cabinets, we can tailor our skillset to meet the needs of your custom cabinets.

At Aljay Cabinets we understand the importance of high-quality cabinets within your bathroom. Every bathroom, no matter its size or use will need cabinets to store cleaning products as well as any creams and moisturizers that you may use as part of your daily routine. In many homes, the cabinets installed will deteriorate over time due to their low quality.

As bathrooms contain air that is wetter than anywhere else within your home, poorly designed cabinets will quickly lose their quality and become damaged. Over time, this damage can result in your cabinets becoming rotten and in some cases even falling apart. At Aljay Cabinets, our bathroom cabinets are designed using only the highest quality supplies, ensuring that your cabinets look the best they can, for longer periods of time.

Laundry cabinets are an essential part of any home. They provide an area for extra storage, or an area in which you can locate extra appliances such as dryers and washing machines. At Aljay Cabinets, we provide a range of laundry cabinets designed to your exact requirements. Whether you need a smaller laundry cabinet for clothes storage, or you would prefer a larger laundry cabinet for your machines, our cabinet service can be tailored for your needs.

We believe that every entertainment system, from TV’s to gaming consoles should make use of an entertainment cabinet. They are a fantastic place to store any DVD’s or games that you may have and large cabinets can be used to store any items you may frequently use.

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